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Andreas Mueller. Axel Juergens. Ruediger Vaas. Andreas Moehn. Bjoern Laczay. Traugott Boesche. Martin Doesch. Christian Jaekel. Christian E. Roland Koestner.

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Andreas Baecker. Hans Knoesslsdorfer. Andersen, on Easter morning". Paper somewhat browned throughout, as common. Provenance: 1 William Oehlenschlaeger; 2 Bent W. A charming association piece.

Andersen Bibliografi, , no. Bork, H. Bork, , p. The house was full of life and happy days as a large circle of both Danish and foreign musicians and artists visited the salons and parties held there. The friendship with the family was established in August Bournonville's home, where the poet first heard the young, talented Therese Henriques playing the piano. Immediately, a warm friendship between the two was kindled, and it would last a lifetime.

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Inscribed to the translator's brother, the physician and botanist Emil Charles Nicolas Petit , for Christmas "Hr. Petit, from the translator and the author of the original, who send this by way of Yuletide greetings". Andersen had been a frequent visitor to the home of Therese Henriques during the last fifteen years of his life.

The friendship with Henriques was established in August Bournonville's home, where the poet first heard the young, talented Therese playing the piano. The work was written at almost the same time as Tasso's like-themed "Gerusalemme Liberata": while this is the first edition under the title "Hierosolyma", it was actually already published in Paris in bks. Brunet I, Petrus Angelus Bargaeus was a scholar and professor at the universities of Pisa and Rome. Some contemporary underlining and ms.

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NUC EUR 1, Wolfe's production was in all probability chiefly destined for the European continent, as all of Aretino's works had been on the Roman Index since ; copies were offered for sale at the Frankfurt Book Fair of Aretino's comedies are considered the best of his works. They rank among the great works of Renaissance drama, and many of their leading characters were prototypes for later playwrights.

Index Aureliensis Adams A Gamba note. Pforzheimer Woodfield, Surreptious Printing in England EUR 8, Includes the frequently-lacking appendix and all half titles. Without the printed main title page to the first volume, which was probably never published at all: Mallon notes that he was unable to verify a single copy containing it, adding that most copies lack both a main title and a half title.

The half titles of vol. Due to their size, these beautiful engravings as well as the frontispiece to the appendix all after and by W. Grimm and E. Grimm are frequently found trimmed by the binder's knife, but they are intact in the present copy. Some slight occasional foxing due to paper, but altogether a very appealing and apparently entirely complete set.

Schaaf , a specialist in economic, commercial and insolvency law. Goedeke VI, 73, Mallon Arnim 27, Mallon Brentano 17, EUR 9, In his present book he provides a historical analysis and critique of the "idea of the German state", which he held responsible for destroying "German thought". Prophetically, he writes: "It is my steadfast conviction that the destruction of the Prusso-German arbitrary power, as postulated by President Wilson in his famous address at Mount Vernon, will not be sufficient to protect the world from another German assassination [ It is of the utmost importance for the envisaged League of Nations to become fully aware of the historic strength of this foiled German plot, of the moral depletion of a people that has suffered for a thousand years under to most terrible theocracy [ The radical Ball, influenced by the great theorists of Anarchism, had spent most of the War years in exile in Switzerland, where he died in , aged Presentation copies of his books are rare.

Includes: Heldenplatz. Frankfurt, Suhrkamp, The publisher added the portrait and the five larger illustrations introducing days 2 to 10 for the present edition. Boccaccio began writing the Decameron soon after the plague that decimated Florence in and finished it in It was immediately recognized as a great work, and has remained a classic ever since.

Two of its stories were published already by Peter Schoeffer who had been Gutenberg's assistant at Mainz in , and Cardinal Pietro Bembo canonized the text by recommending it as the best model for literary vernacular Italian prose. That added to its already successful reception, with a new edition appearing almost every year. It is a classic example of stories within a frame story, the frame story revolving around the plague in Florence. Ten young noble Florentines seven women and three men decide to leave the city to avoid the plague, settling in a villa in the countryside nearby.

They entertain each other for ten days by each telling a story each day, making a hundred stories in all.

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Boccaccio also noted that any reader who wishes may skip the stories that "bite". Although Boccaccio has the young man Dioneo tell more naughty stories than the other characters, he also has the women tell some, especially on day seven, when Dioneo sets the theme as stories of women playing tricks on their husbands. In fact Boccaccio wrote that his book was intended especially, though not exclusively, for lovelorn young ladies. The modern reader may be surprised that most of Boccaccio's critics showed little concern about the many erotic scenes in the stories.

Salviati's present redaction is often cited as an example of heavy-handed church censorship, yet it rarely cuts out the erotic parts of the stories.

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In fact, when Playboy magazine chose for their first issue in December to have one of the most explicitly erotic Decameron stories translated into English, it followed the present text quite closely. But Luther and the other leaders of the Reformation gained many followers by making a major issue of corruption and immorality in the Catholic Church. The Catholic Counter-Reformation, culminating in the last session of the Council of Trent in and , desperately tried to clean up the Church's own image as part of their efforts to suppress the rising Protestant movements.

In this context, they feared Boccaccio's biting satire of the hypocritical moralism of the Church's representatives far more than his erotic content. The Decameron appeared on the first index of prohibited books in , but it was not easy to ban a recognized classic, so the Council concluded that it could be published if properly censored and presented that option in the index.

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Softcover small 8vo. National Gallery Booklets. Ginzberg, Eli, and Alice M. Yahalem, ed. Fraser, Keath: Erin, On. Fagan, Cary: Erin, On. Wilson, Kenneth G. New York; , Harcourt, Brace and World. Turner, Myron: Erin, On. Cameron, J. Newell, Robert W. Toronto; , Eli Lilly and Company. Softcover 4to. London, Ontario; , Brick Books. Davies, Lynn. Smith, Russell. Erin, On; , The Porcupine's Quill. Belleville, Ontario; , Mika. Sadouski, John.

HC tall 8vo. Alternative Solutions to the Status Quo? Second, enlarged edition. Legien, Rudolf Roman. Berlin; , Heymanns Verlag. Ondaatje, Michael. Translated by Lola Lemire Tostevin. London, ON; , Brick Books. Softcover square 24mo. Works from the Past Decadew.