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In: The Challenge of North Africa. Paris: University of London Institute in Pais, Within this framework it focuses on sustainable agriculture, food security and the water-energy-food nexus in particular. Two large countries in Africa have witnessed mass demonstrations that are altering the course of their history — Algeria and Sudan. The latter appears to be moving towards democratic rule. Whatever the outcome, it will help shape the future of Algeria and its neighbours on the southern and northern rim of the western Mediterranean.

It swept up senior military officers, leading businessmen, a former prime minister, a few former ministers and a head of the oil monopoly Sonatrach. Those arrested were deferred to the courts or detained on charges of corruption. They narrowly escaped, at a huge cost in life and destruction, the Islamic version in the s. Today, they aspire to be governed by a more competent and less corrupt generation, which is not short of talent. The question is: will the likes of Gaid Salah and Mediene succeed, as they have in the past, in banging the stable door firmly shut on them?

Tunisia deserves better than being put on a blacklist of tax havens at this point in its history. All of us have engaged with Tunisia — as investors, diplomats, economists and journalists, for many years.

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The country has never been a fiscal paradise in the past and is not one today. The results will tell us whether or not we are witnessing a historical shake-up of the French political scene. Far from ushering in a period of democratic transition, the ensuing conflicts have witnessed a return to internecine tribal, family, and religious conflict of the worst kind. Has the Commission been consulted or notified of the draft law prepared by the Bulgarian Government ahead of its presentation to the Bulgarian National Assembly? In light of the serious breach highlighted above, could the Commission provide comments and recommendations to ensure that the planned provisions do not put at risk the effectiveness of the audit and political independence of the Bulgarian National Audit Office from EU funds and Bulgarian public assets?

As regards the first question of the Honourable Member on the compliance of the measures and provisions laid down in the draft law with international standards, and also in reply to the second question, the Commission would like to point out that it has not been consulted upon the full draft law which is now under scrutiny by the Bulgarian Parliament. As a Member State, Bulgaria is not under legal obligation to consult or to notify the Commission in such cases.

The Commission cannot therefore take a position in this regard. The Commission, however, is aware that some members of the Bulgarian National Audit Office have concerns about the composition of the proposed college and the eligibility criteria set for its members. Concerning comments and recommendations the Honourable Member calls on the Commission to make in the third question, it again would like to underline that, as explained above, it has insufficient information to provide an opinion.

It is clear however that the acquis applicable to Bulgaria upon its accession in , including organisational, functional and financial independence of the State Audit Institution towards the executive, remains valid. Armut, Obdachlosigkeit und eine neue Immobilienblase.


Welche Programme aus den Mitgliedstaaten sind der Kommission bekannt, die konkret dieser Entwicklung entgegenwirken? Hat die Kommission Empfehlungen an die Mitgliedstaaten herausgegeben, die diese Problematik zum Inhalt haben und wenn ja, welche Strategien erachtet die Kommission als geeignet, diesen Entwicklungen entgegenzuwirken? Der Kommission ist bekannt, dass es in mehreren Mitgliedstaaten viele obdachlose Menschen und gleichzeitig viele ungenutzte Wohnungen gibt. Das ist nicht nur eine ineffiziente Nutzung von Ressourcen, sondern gibt auch Anlass zur Besorgnis. Unquestionably, this is firstly a matter of private property and secondly a responsibility of the Member States.

Nevertheless, when this figure is set against a total of over four million homeless people, one is compelled to speak of a significant discrepancy.

EL BORICUA, Today's Puerto Rican Soldier

How does the Commission view the trend whereby homes are increasingly redefined as a form of investment property? What programmes is the Commission aware of in Member States that specifically counteract this development? Has the Commission issued recommendations to the Member States in respect of this problem and, if so, what strategies does the Commission regard as suitable for counteracting these developments? The Commission is aware of the large number of homeless people in several Member States, together with a large number of housing remaining unoccupied.

This constitutes not only an inefficient use of resources but also a source of concern. While the competence for housing market policies lies with the Member States, there are nevertheless implications of housing markets with a community relevance: The Commission has called Member States on various occasions to switch taxes from labour to other sources, such as recurring taxation of property, also reflected in Country Specific Recommendations.

By raising the opportunity cost of owning an unoccupied property, these taxes also create incentives to use well and to rent out property. The purchase of a home can be a wise life time investment for citizens who can afford it. Adequate housing is key for social inclusion. Clear-cut, transparent eligibility and allocation criteria for social housing ensure that public funds are used properly and are in the interest of the beneficiaries because they prevent those most in need from being excluded from social housing.

Moreover, turbulences in the housing and mortgage markets may lead to evictions threatening thousands to fall into homelessness. To address this issue in the Social Investment Package the Commission called on Member States to develop housing-led approach which offers a more effective solution to homelessness such as using vacant houses. School leavers or young people completing their professional training, in particular those in less favoured circumstances, women wishing to resume their careers after a break for childcare and overs seeking professional reconversion frequently encounter difficulties regarding access to the employment market.

Valuable contributions can be made by every participant, in particular those approaching retirement and wishing to transmit the work experience they have gathered from the outset and throughout their careers.

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  7. Accumulated individual experience of this kind could provide a point of departure for extending the scheme on a regional or cross-border basis. What measures are being envisaged by the Commission to support such projects, particularly those involving cooperation between local and regional authorities with NGOs or private educational infrastructures in the services sector and elsewhere, including cross-border projects? Also, the European Alliance for Apprenticeships promotes quality apprenticeships which can effectively ease young people's transition into jobs.

    ISBN 13: 9788467004113

    Further to the case of traineeships, it is the task of the Public Employment Services PES in Member States to offer individual support and guidance to workers where they deem it necessary after a thorough assessment of options to integrate the persons' into the labour market. Improved provision of guidance including promoting new methods is a part of PES strategy which was formulated by the European PES Network with the support of the Commission.

    It is implemented by employment and work integration services and provides information, recruitment, matching and placement support. Young people and small and medium-sized organisations may receive financial support to help the candidates' relocation and integration process. The expert opinion on these expulsions is that they are not covered either by international treaties or by the Spanish law on immigration. However, the immediate expulsions that have been carried out by the Spanish authorities over the past twelve years do not involve any prior identification of the immigrants concerned.

    As a result of the public concern arising from the recent incidents in Ceuta, the Spanish Government is working on an upcoming reform of the law on immigration to legalise these practices. In that letter, the Commission invited Spain to look into the use of force and the alleged summary return of migrants to Morocco.

    Middle Eastern

    The Commission has welcomed this initiative by Spain and will wait for the outcome of that inquiry. Ashton y dejar de apoyar a Israel a toda costa. According to Lebanese sources, the Israeli air force fired rockets near the village of Nabi Chit. Once again Israel violates practically the whole of international law and continues in line with its unilateral declaration of war against Hezbollah.

    Mamíferos amenazados de Europa

    For years now Israel has been bombing positions in Lebanon as it pleases, completely unilaterally and with no fear of any judicial persecution. In this way, war criminals and perpetrators of genocide die in their beds without being brought to justice for their crimes, as happened in the case of the recently deceased Ariel Sharon, who was guilty of genocide. However, the repetition of such criminal acts cannot lead to their normalisation so far as the international community is concerned.

    Does she intend to suspend the Association Agreement with Israel until it abandons this policy? The EU has been aware through media reports of the last Israel air strikes near the Lebanese-Syrian border.

    Nouns (10)

    We are not contemplating the use of sanctions in the context of bilateral EU-Israel relations, since sanctions should only be considered when there is no other instrument at reach, which is not the case on bilateral EU-Israeli relations. El CESE, en su dictamen, sostuvo que: This opinion welcomed some current advances with respect to the specific problems of the food supply chain, which for a long time now has been causing enormous injustice to agricultural producers. We are of the view that a solution to unfair practices based on a code of good practices is practically an oxymoron, and that it fails to make clear how the Commission is going to act in order to solve the problems of the food supply chain.

    In the same answer the Commissioner said he took note of the proposal to include farm-gate prices on the labels of food products, so as to inform consumers about the conditions of the food supply chain. We consider, in line with the views of organisations such as COAG, which compiles the IPOD, that a measure of this nature may be the least expensive and most transparent way of solving the problem of unfair practices in the food supply chain. The Commission took note of the proposal to display the farm-gate price on labels.

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    4. Does it intend to include this initiative when drawing up the documents it will shortly be publishing in relation to this matter? The Commission supports the Supply Chain Initiative launched by stakeholders from the supply and retail side of the food chain to establish principles of best practice for contractual relations. The Commission closely monitors the initiative and is currently finalising its assessment whether the initiative may need to be complemented by additional measures.