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She is passionate about her long walks in public parks, loves cloudy days, insects, cats, underground passages and dystopias. Ana Clavel Mexico City, is a novelist, short story writer, and essayist.

Her most recent novel is El dibujante de sombras Alfaguara , has a video. Alberto Chimal Toluca, is a writer and professor of creative writing.

Horse Fantastic

Mexican critics have cited his work as departing from common themes in contemporary Mexican literature to a territory closer to European and Latin American fantastic literature, merging everyday life with the extraordinary and mythical. She studied Sciences and Communication at the Universidad Intercontinental and received a Masters of Communication from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, as well as a diploma in fantastic literature from the Universidad del Claustro de Sor Juana.

He writes mainly short novels and stories as well as essays.

TIMEKEEPER Horror Fantasy Story (Performed by Barry Bowman)

He is a neurologist and professor of clinical neurophysiology at the National University of Mexico. At about the same age, she started writing poetry and short stories. Telling stories with still images became her passion. She studied film direction and screenwriting in Cuba, Berlin and Zurich.

Map of the Territory

Since she has written and directed several movies and has continued to write short stories. Esther M. Some of her work has also been translated to English and French. Her short stories have been translated to English, French, Italian and are included in national and international anthologies. Leo Mendoza was born in Oaxaca in He has published four short story collections. Leo has put together a few anthologies and his writing has been included and even translated in others. He has practiced many kinds of cultural journalism and years ago sold kitchen appliances.

In recent years he has mainly been working as a screenwriter, but somehow managed to write a collaborative novel about Pre-hispanic Mexico. In spite of his advancing age he is often astonished, although he now accepts the fact that he will never play center forward on his Atlante soccer team. Mauricio Montiel Figueiras Guadalajara, is a fiction writer, essayist, poet, and translator.

She represented her country at track and field competitions at the Central American games. Her fiction stories, poetry and novels has been published in journals and anthologies in the U. She lives in Mexico City, where she participates actively in regional and national cultural activities. In she started studying Buddhist philosophy.

Carmen Rioja Monterrey, is a Mexican writer and artist. Currently, she writes her blog Hojas al Rio Leaves on the River.

Fantastic Tales: Volume Two

She is also a conservation artist specializing in colonial and archaeological collections, and works in cultural and art promotion. Her involvement in plastic arts includes several painting techniques and sculpture. Pepe Rojo Chilpancingo, has published four books and more than short stories, essays, and articles dealing with fiction, media and contemporary culture, including the collection Interrupciones Interruptions.

A Feathered Heart

Guillermo Samperio lives in Mexico City—where he was born in His work has been translated into multiple languages. He has given lectures and has published articles, book chapters, and abstracts in medical books and journals, and is a member of the editorial committee of multiple medical journals. He has published cultural essays e. He is also a piano composer.

Gerardo Sifuentes Tampico, is a journalist and author of short stories. He was co-founder of the pioneer Spanish-language cyberpunk zine Fractal. His work has been collected twice, in Perro de Luz Light Dog and Pilotos Infernales Infernal Pilots and appeared in various magazines and anthologies, earning the Kalpa Prize for best short story published in Mexico and the Vid International Fantasy and Science Fiction Award for the best short story collection.

He is currently editorial coordinator of Muy Interesante Very Interesting , a popular science and history magazine. Befriend a cantankerous potionmaker striving to brew a forbidden elixir. Explore with an elven messenger fighting his way out of a magical trap. These adventures and more await—so go ahead, turn the page, and let the adventure begin! Fantastical Tales is a 40, word fantasy short story collection. Fantastical Tales contains the following five fantasy short stories by Mark P. Create Widget. About Mark P.

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