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Images of America: Around North Collins by Georgianne Bowman (2002, Paperback)

Explore This Park. Tools for Educators. Hawaii Voices of Science. Fee Free Glee. This Month's National Park Getaway. Staffin, Burton W.

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Staffin, and Burnell E. Somewhere along the line, I do not have an exact record of at least one generation of the family, somewhere in-between Anna Staffin marrying Edward C. Staffin, and Norman R. Marion Staffin married, though I do not know what her married name was.

I believe that they had a daughter or granddauther, possibly named, Anna, and she married Ed Ritter. Hoyt Prince, Mrs. Guy Hickey, Mrs. Clarence Simmons, and possibly another sister and another brother, though I am unsure of their names.

Ed and Anna Ritter did not have any children. To my knowledge, Ed was a butcher, and I have a tin type of him reflecting that. Circa This is a tin type that shows my great great grandfather, Clarence Briggs, as a young man, possibly around I do not know the identities of the other young men in the image. My great great grandfather owned and operated an ice carting business in North Collins, New York. It is the best photo that I have of them as young boys.

They went on an outing and had several different photos made on this day, reflecting different backgrounds and venues. This is a photo of my grandmother either on the day of her engagement or wedding to my grandfather, Charles A.

August 1, 1985: Cheyenne, Wyoming

This is the only photo that I have that shows both of my great grandparents, Clarence and Julia Gale Briggs, in the same photo. This is a photo of identical twins, Marie and Veronica Briggs, from April They were about three-years-old in this picture. Veronica was named after her grandmother, Veronica. I hope that you have enjoyed viewing these photos. I will make additional posts with photos that reflect the others of my ancestral families that I identified, shortly. Collins, New York. Currently the Property of Michele Babcock-Nice Snellville, Georgia.

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Wentland Funeral Home Recently, I was looking through photos of my relatives and ancestors, in order to show and explain to my son about some of his ancestral history. My grandmother was born in and died in I also have many great original photos of people, and sports teams in Collins, Collins Center, and Gowanda, New York that I will provide in separate posts.

Around North Collins

For now, please enjoy viewing these photos from yesteryear. Please note that I have identified as many names of the people in the current photos as possible. Bernice Briggs and Charles A. Babcock, Gowanda, NY, Charles A. Babcock, Collins, NY, This picture is of my grandparents with my dad when he was four years old. My grandfather would have been 37 years old in this picture, and my grandmother, They waited until they were older before having a child.